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Surgery a section of medicine that treats disease by the operations. Surgery is very associated with other parts of medicine. This is not just a method of treatment but an art. Good surgeon is similar to the artist: and leaves less scars and even beautiful. Surgical diseases are very common. For example, an abscess, hernia or appendicitis occur very often. This section includes photographs of surgical diseases.

» Abscess
» Ainhum
» Charcot foot
» Digital necrosis
» Facial ulcers
» Fingertip lesions
» Fingertip necrosis
» Inguinal lymphadenitis
» Livedo reticularis with or without necrosis
» Neck lesions
» Necrosis
» Nodules, congenital
» Nodules, foot
» Nodules, hyperpigmented
» Nodules, juxta-articular
» Nodules, knee
» Nodules, multilobulated
» Nodules, multiple, subcutaneous
» Nodules, red
» Nodule, red, extrimities
» Nodules, red, face
» Nodules, red, feet
» Nodule, red, hand
» Nodules, skin colored
» Nodules, ulcerated
» Nodules, vascular appearance (kaposi
» Paronychia
» Penile lesions
» Penile ulcers
» Perianal ulcers, single or multiple
» Scalp ulcers
» Scrotal ulcerations
» Ulcers
» Ulcers of the foot
» Ulcers of the leg
» Ulcers of the leg in a young patient

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