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Dentistry is a big part of medicine. It studies the teeth, diseases of the oral mucosa, jaws. This topic will be presented dental disease, oral mucosa and lips. For example caries, cheilitis, tumors and many other . It is important to detect the disease in time. Dentist correct diagnosis. And this section is created to study diseases of the mouth. Be healthy. Recommended to visit a dentist at least once every six months .

» Cheilitis
» Cobblestone appearance of oral mucosa
» White lesions of the oral mucosa
» Gingival hyperplasia
» Gingivitis
» Leukoplakia
» Lip lesions, pigmented
» Lips, swollen
» Oral mucosa, blue pigmentation
» Oral mucosa, cysts
» Oral mucosa, hyperpigmentation
» Oral mucosa, papules and nodules
» Oral mucosa, ulceration
» Teeth, abnormalities
» Tongue, englarged (macroglossia)
» Tongue, hyperpigmentation
» Tongue, multilobulated
» Tongue nodule
» Tongue, red
» Tongue, scrotal
» Tongue, ulcers
» Oral candidiasis
» Hairy tongue
» Geographic tongue

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