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Avitaminosis the Thiamine (B1)

Beri beri oedema.

Photo 1. Beri beri oedema. Beri beri is a disease characterised by generalised oedema, peripheral neuropathy and sometimes heart failure, associated with thiamine deficiency.

Peripheral neuropathy.

Photo 2. Peripheral neuropathy. Wrist drop and marked wasting of the lower extremities occur in some patients.

Avitaminosis the Rihoflavine (B2)

Angular stomatitis.

Photo 3. Angular stomatitis. This consists of grey-white fissures at both angles of the mouth due to riboflavine deficiency.


Photo 4. Cheilosis. A sore, cracked condition of the lips occurs in association with riboflavine deficiency.


Photo 5. Glossitis. The tongue is sore and an abnormally deep red colour.

Avitaminosis the folic acid

Anaemia of folic acid deficiency.

Photo 6. Anaemia of folic acid deficiency. Folic acid deficiency results in a macrocytic megaloblastic anaemia. (x900)

Bone marrow in folic acid deficiency.

Photo 7. Bone marrow in folic acid deficiency. The appearance in this marrow is characteristic of folic acid deficiency. (x 900)

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