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Infantile rickets — Ricketsi rosary.

Photo 1. Infantile rickets — Ricketsi rosary. This is a disease of infants and children due to insufficient vitamin D. Infants are sometimes over-protected from the sun by their mothers to avoid too rapid pigmentation of the skin, and rickets occurs in this situation when it could easily be avoided. Rounded swellings appear over the costochondrial junctions near the sternum, and are known as 'rickety rosary'.

Infantile rickets.

Photo 2. Infantile rickets. Note the gross deformity of the legs and pigeon chest of this boy.

Skull of two-year-old infant with rickets.

Photo 3. Skull of two-year-old infant with rickets. The anterior fontanelle remains open and its edges soft.

Bossing of the skull.

Photo 4. Bossing of the skull. Bossing of the frontal and parietal eminences occurs.


Photo 5. Osteomalacia. The increased demands of pregnancy may result in gross deformity of the pelvis. This occurs for example in mothers kept in purdah.

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