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Koplik's spots

Photo 1. Koplik's spots. Koplik's spots are pathognomonic of measles.

They are found on mucous membranes during the prodromal stage and are easily detected on the mucosa of the cheeks opposite the molar teeth, where they resemble coarse grains of salt on the surface of the inflamed membrane. Histologically the spots consist of small necrotic patches in the basal layers of the mucosa with exudation of serum and infiltration by mononuclear cells.

Measles in twins.

Photo 2. Measles in twins. Measles is one of the most important causes of childhood mortality in the tropics. The twin on the left shows typical post-measles desquamation but is otherwise recovering. The other twin has post-measles encephalitis.

Lung in giant cell pneumonia.

Photo 3. Lung in giant cell pneumonia. Mortality is commonly associated with giant cell pneumonia during the prodromal stage. (H&E x 500)

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