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Male and female tunga penetrans.

Photo 1. Male and female tunga penetrans. The 'jigger flea' occurs in tropical areas of South America and Africa. The gravid female buries itself in the skin, often under the toenails, and swells up to the size of a small pea. Eggs are laid through the entry hole. (x20)

Male and female tunga penetrans too.

Photo 2. Male and female tunga penetrans too.

Jigger fleas in toe.

Photo 3. Jigger fleas in toe. Jigger fleas in toe Habitual sufferers shell the gravid females out of the skin with a pin or sliver of bamboo, usually scattering eggs in the process. Tetanus is a common sequel to this type of self-treatment. The larvae mature to adulthood on the ground. 

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