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Donovan bodies in exudate.

Photo 1.  Donovan bodies in exudate. Donovania granulomatosis is an encapsulated, gram-negative coccobacillus which in lesions in man is seen within phagocytes, the 'Donovan bodies'. It is venereally transmitted. (x 900)

Donovanosis of penis and adjacent skin of leg.

Photo 2.  Donovanosis of penis and adjacent skin of leg. The ulcerated lesion is deep and the floor is covered by a thick, offensive, purulent exudate. Secondary contact lesions are common.

Late donovanosis.

Photo 3.  Late donovanosis. The disease runs a very chronic course. Mutilating ulceration of the genitalia may occur, and ano-rectal involvement is common. In comparison with lymphogranuloma venereum, the lymphatics are not primarily involved.

Donovanosis of female genitalia.

Photo 4.  Donovanosis of female genitalia. As in lymphogranuloma venereum severe deformity of the genitalia can occur in the female.

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