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Inguinal adenitis.

Photo 1.  Inguinal adenitis. Inguinal lymphadenitis is a common feature, resulting in a large, sausage-shaped mass, over which the skin is shiny and purplish in colour. The disease is caused by another Chlamydia species which can be seen as elementary bodies in Giemsa stained leucocytes. Serious genito-anorectal lesions can result.

Frei test.

Photo 2.  Frei test. The frei skin test is a delayed hypersensitivity reaction of value in the diagnosis. The test is read at 48 hours and 96 hours after the injection of 0.1 ml of the antigen which is prepared from virus cultured in chick embryos. (This disease is also called lymphogranuloma inguinale, climatic bubo, or esthiomène.)

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