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Distribution of smallpox

map01975 (December)     map1 1967 map2 Eradication confirmed

Ten years ago smallpox was endemic in many countries of the tropics. A successful smallpox eradication campaign was organised under the auspices of the WHO. Global eradication of this disease, has now been confirmed by WHO.

Distribution of rash..

Photo 1. Distribution of rash. The distribution of the rash is centrifugal. It is accompanied by marked toxicity.

Facial lesions.

Photo 2.  Facial lesions. The lesions are concentrated on the face as contrasted with the body. 

Haemorrhagic smallpox.

Photo 3.  Haemorrhagic smallpox. In some cases the lesions become confluent and haemorrhagic.

Ultrastructure of smallpox virus.

Photo 4.  Ultrastructure of smallpox virus. The causative agent is a large ovoid DNA virus. This can readily be identified in fluid from the cutaneous lesions, (x 63000)Primary smallpox vaccination response.

Primary smallpox vaccination response.

Photo 5. Primary smallpox vaccination response. Vaccination immunises the indi­vidual for a period of three years. 

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