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Eggs and first stage larva of Porocephalus.

Photo 1.  Eggs and first stage larva of Porocephalus. The eggs and primary larvae with their four bifurcate legs point to the arthropod origin of this parasite of North American snakes (Porocephalus crotali). (x 100)

Eggs and first stage larva of Porocephalus too.

Photo 2.  Eggs and first stage larva of Porocephalus too. (x 160)

P. crotali third stage larva.

Photo 3.  P. crotali third stage larva. After ingestion of eggs in food or water by a secondary host (usually a rodent), primary larvae emerge in the gut. They penetrate the gut wall and encyst in various tissues. This infective third stage larva lies subperitoneally in a rodent, the normal intermediate host. (x3)

Adult Porocephalus crotali in rattlesnake lung.

Photo 4.  Adult Porocephalus crotali in rattlesnake lung. Eggs of this lungworm' are passed in saliva or in faeces. This species is common in snakes, which acquire infection by eating rodents containing third stage larvae. (x 1/15)

Larvae of Armillifer armillatus.

Photo 5.  Larvae of Armillifer armillatus. Third stage larvae are seen under the capsule of this liver from a Nigerian at post mortem.

Adult males and a female Armillifer armillatus.

Photo 6.  Adult males and a female Armillifer armillatus. This lungworm is a common parasite of several species of African snakes. The usual intermediate hosts are rodents but man is quite commonly infected with the larvae.

X-ray of pentastomid larvae in man.

Photo 7.  X-ray of pentastomid larvae in man. Calcified third stage larvae are seen in this X-ray of an African patient.

Pentastomid larva in eye.

Photo 8.  Pentastomid larva in eye. The eye is a rare site for pentastomid larvae, the abdomen being mainly affected in man.

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