Linguatula serrata (Tongue Worm) — photos

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Third stage larva in rabbit lung.

Photo 1.  Third stage larva in rabbit lung. These endoparasitic and highly specialised parasites have embryonic and ultrastructural affinities to the Arthropoda. Man may be infected by eating inadequately cooked food containing third stage larvae. Other carnivores are also infected. (x 20)

Halzoun syndrome.

Photo 2.  Halzoun syndrome. The parasites migrate to the nasopharynx where they produce large adults that block the airways, and cause deafness. Eggs are passed in the nasal secretions. Facial oedema is a common sign.


Photo 3.  Adult Linguatula serrata. Cephalic third of a typical adult tongue worm. Note the oral opening and four hooks.(x 1/2)

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