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Insanitary water supply being infected.

Photo 1. Insanitary water supply being infected. Note the open infective lesions on this girl's foot. Guinea worm occurs in parts of Africa, India, the Middle East and Brazil where water is drawn from shallow pools or primitive wells. Larvae are swallowed inside water fleas when unboiled water is drunk. The larvae emerge in the intestine from where they migrate to, and mature in the subcutaneous tissues.

Larva of D. medinensi.

Photo 2. Larva of D. medinensi. The free-swimming first stage larvae enter water fleas of Cyclops and allied genera. Here they develop and await ingestion by a new definitive host. (x60)

Contamination of surface water.

Photo 3. Contamination of surface water. A papule forms where the female reaches the skin surface, and ulcerates when the skin is immersed in water. A loop of the worm's uterus prolapses and ruptures, releasing large numbers of rhabditoid larvae into the water.

X-ray of calcified worms.

Photo 4. X-ray of calcified worms. The size of an adult female Dracunculus medin- ensis can be judged from this X-ray of a calcified worm in the ankle. Females attain up to 100 cm but males only 20 to 40cm in length.

Adult guinea worm in knee joint.

Photo 5. Adult guinea worm in knee joint. Heavy infestations may cause considerable disability and arthritis may be caused by female worms in the vicinity of joints.

Operative removal of worm form knee.

Photo 6. Operative removal of worm form knee.

Extraction of female worm.

Photo 7. Extraction of female worm. Adult females are commonly extracted by progressively winding them round a matchstick as they emerge from the subcutaneous tissues. Chemotherapy has made the procedure easier and less hazardous.

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