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Capillaria hepatica in liver section

Photo 1.  Capillaria hepatica in liver section. Human infection with this rodent nematode is very rare. The adult worms live in the portal tracts. Eggs, resembling those of Trichuris (see 302), are infective only after undergoing maturation in the soil. Adult worms in the liver cause hepatic enlargement and severe parenchymal damage. Note the giant cell reaction around the eggs. (x 150)

Egg of C. philippensis.

Photo 2.  Egg of C. philippensis. This species in which the adults live in the upper small intestine has occurred in epidemic form. A malabsorption syndrome, sometimes fatal, develops in heavy infections. The life cycle remains unknown. (x350)

Adult C. philippensis invding smail intestine.

Photo 3.  Adult C. philippensis invding smail intestine. (x 100)

Adult C. philippensis from human faeces.

Photo 4.  Adult C. philippensis from human faeces. The figure shows the posterior end of the male and vulval region of the female. (x 150)

Adult C. philippensis from human faeces too.

Photo 5.  Adult C. philippensis from human faeces too.

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