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Adult pinworms in appendix.

Photo 1. Adult pinworms in appendix. Enterobius vermicularis are small, white and threadlike. The males have coiled tails and measure 2.5 mm. The females which measure about 10 mm long, emerge to the perianal region where they lay some 10 to 15 000 eggs then die. The embryonated eggs are directly infectious on ingestion, hatch in the duodenum, and the larvae pass to the caecum where they mature. Occasion­ally the adult worms cause appendicitis. (X20}

Scotch tape swab to demonstrate perianal eggs.

Photo 2. Scotch tape swab to demonstrate perianal eggs. The eggs are found on the perianal skin. They adhere to the Scotch tape which can then be placed on a slide and examined directly under a microscope. Because of severe pruritus ani, children fre­quently reinfect themselves from eggs under their fingernails. Bedding is also a source of infection which tends to persist in households and in­stitutions such as orphanages.

Scotch tape swab to demonstrate perianal eggs too.

Photo 3. Scotch tape swab to demonstrate perianal eggs too.

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