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Ultrastructure of hepatitis A virus.

Photo 1. Ultrastructure of "hepatitis A virus". Virus-like particles measuring 27 nm in diameter found in faecal extracts from an adult volunteer during the acute phase of hepatitis A after inoculation with MS-1 serum. The particles are heavily coated with antibody present in convalescent serum. (x 252000)

Hepatitis B antigen-containing serum.

Photo 2. Hepatitis B antigen-containing serum. Serum containing hepatitis В antigen showing the presence of three distinct moфhological entities: (1) Small pleo­morphic spherical particles measuring 20-22 nm in diameter. (2) Tubular forms of varying length with a constant diameter of 20 nm and frequently with a terminal bulbous swelling. (3) Double-shelled spheroidal Dane particles, approximately 42 nm in diameter, with a core measuring 27 nm in diameter. There is substantial evidence that this particle is the hepatitis В virus. (x 227000)

Jaundiced child with infective hepatitis.

Photo 3. Jaundiced child with infective hepatitis. Fever, anorexia, and later jaundice are characteristic clinical features. The disease is particularly severe in pregnancy. Note deep jaundice and spider naevus on the cheek.

Urine from child.

Photo 4. Urine from child. The urine is dark coloured and contains bilirubin and urobilinogen.

Biopsy of liver.

Photo 5. Biopsy of liver. Histologically the characteristic features are ballooning and a feathery degeneration of the liver parenchymal cells. (x150)

Single radial immunodiffusion test.

Photo 6. Single radial immunodiffusion test. Hepatitis B antigen positive serum is readily detected by this simple serological procedure.

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