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DCL in the New World.

Photo 1. DCL in the New World. In rare individuals, a highly specific failure of cell mediated immunity may result in the development of chronic disseminated disease resembling leprornatous leprosy. This patient from Brazil was infected with L. mexicana arnazonensis.

DCL on the foot of at Ethiopian.

Photo 2. DCL on the foot of at Ethiopian. A similar syndrome occurs in other parts of the world such as Ethiopia where this patient was infected with L. aethiopica. DCL never affects mucosae, and is thus readily distinguished from Espundia.

Skin smear.

Photo 3. Skin smear. This smear from a skin biopsy from an Ethiopian patient with DCL shows large numbers of amastigotes. Parasites are rarely so numerous in biopsies from patients with Oriental sore, (x 500)

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