Bartonellosis (Carrions disiease)

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Blood film showing Bartonella bacilliformes

Photo 1. Blood film showing Bartonella bacilliformes. B. bacilliformis is a gram negative intraerythrocytic bacillus which produces fever, and acute haemolytic anaemia (Oroya fever) in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. The bacilli also invade reticulo-endothelial cells. (Giemsa x 900)

Verruga Peruviana

Photo 2. "Verruga Peruviana". The infection sometimes appears as a generalised verrucous eruption, sometimes haemorrhagic in nature. Organisms can be cultured from the cutaneous nodules. The disease is transmitted by the sandfly Lutzomyia verrucarum at altitudes of 800-3000 m.

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