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Cicatricial pemphigoid

Photo 1. Cicatricial pemphigoid.

Pemphigus vulgaris

Photo 2. Pemphigus vulgaris.

Granuloma inguinale

Photo 3. Granuloma inguinale.


Photo 4. Chancroid.

Primary herpes simplex infection

Photo 5. Primary herpes simplex infection.

Primary syphilis

Photo 6. Primary syphilis.

Erythema multiforme

Photo 7. Erythema multiforme.

Pellagra vaginitis

Photo 8. Pellagra vaginitis.

Bowen’s disease

Photo 9. Bowen’s disease.

Lichen planus

Photo 10. Lichen planus.

Erythema of Jacquet (infantile gluteal granuloma)

Photo 11. Erythema of Jacquet (infantile gluteal granuloma).

Erosive lichen planus

Photo 12. Erosive lichen planus.

Ulcus vulvae acutum

Photo 13. Ulcus vulvae acutum.

Behçet’s disease

Photo 14. Behçet’s disease.

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