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Nicotine stomatitis

Photo 1. Nicotine stomatitis.

Candidiasis of the tongue

Photo 2. Candidiasis of the tongue.

Oral hairy leukoplakia in a renal transplant recipient

Photo 3. Oral hairy leukoplakia in a renal transplant recipient.

Geographic tongue

Photo 4. Geographic tongue.

Lichen planus

Photo 5. Lichen planus.

Lichen planus associated with hepatitis C

Photo 6. Lichen planus associated with hepatitis C.

Lichen planus

Photo 7. Lichen planus.

Shedding oral mucosa

Photo 8. Shedding oral mucosa.

Dyskeratosis congenita

Photo 9. Dyskeratosis congenita.

Pachyonychia congenita

Photo 10. Pachyonychia congenita.

Pseudoxanthoma elasticum

Photo 11. Pseudoxanthoma elasticum.

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