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Prosthetic ear

Photo 1. Prosthetic ear.

Lichen myxedematosus

Photo 2. Lichen myxedematosus.

Calcification of ears

Photo 3. Calcification of ears.

Perichondral fibrosis

Photo 4. Perichondral fibrosis.


Photo 5. Alopecia mucinosa.

Alopecia mucinosa (2)

Photo 6. Alopecia mucinosa (2).

Atopic dermatitis, hard lichenified ear

Photo 7. Atopic dermatitis, hard lichenified ear.

Calcification following frostbite

Photo 8. Calcification following frostbite.

Calcification secondary to childhood manipulation

Photo 9. Calcification secondary to childhood manipulation.

Calcified ear due to trauma

Photo 10. Calcified ear due to trauma.

Wrestler’s ear

Photo 11. Wrestler’s ear.

Wrestler’s ear (2)

Photo 12. Wrestler’s ear (2).

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