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Lupus erythematosus

Photo 1. Lupus erythematosus.

Pemphigus vulgaris

Photo 2. Pemphigus vulgaris.

Tacrolimus fibromatosis; small bowel transplant recipient

Photo 3. Tacrolimus fibromatosis; small bowel transplant recipient.

Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis

Photo 4. Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis.

Herpes simplex

Photo 5. Herpes simplex.

Acquired zinc deficiency

Photo 6. Acquired zinc deficiency.

Granular cell myoblastoma

Photo 7. Granular cell myoblastoma.

Kaposi’s sarcoma

Photo 8. Kaposi’s sarcoma.

Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

Photo 9. Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.

Generalized acanthosis nigricans

Photo 10. Generalized acanthosis nigricans.

X-linked anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia

Photo 11. X-linked anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia.

Hereditary angioneurotic edema

Photo 12. Hereditary angioneurotic edema.

Melkersson–Rosenthal syndrome

Photo 13. Melkersson–Rosenthal syndrome.

Melkersson–Rosenthal syndrome (2)

Photo 14. Melkersson–Rosenthal syndrome (2).

Setleis syndrome

Photo 15. Setleis syndrome.

Electrical burn

Photo 16. Electrical burn.

Pressure necrosis due to intubation

Photo 17. Pressure necrosis due to intubation.

Proliferating hemangioma

Photo 18. Proliferating hemangioma.


Photo 19. Lymphedema.

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